We've had the pleasure of doing business with Portage Transport for approximately ten years. Over the past decade we’ve moved hundreds of successful loads with Portage and consider them one of our very top trustworthy and reliable carriers.

Our company is in Ontario and we ship high-value fresh and frozen meat. Whether our loads are moving locally or across the border to/from the USA, we have full confidence in Portage to pick up and deliver in a timely manner and make us look good to our customers. Their reefers are well maintained and in good condition.

The staff at Portage are knowledgeable, friendly and always reply in a timely manner no matter the time of day or night. Their rates are competitive and fair for both sides.

Portage Transport is more than a freight company, they are a true partner carrier to us, and we look forward to the continued support.




We are a Manitoba-based company that has been working with Portage Transport's reefer division for three and a half years.

Their on-time delivery rate is excellent – currently at 99.54% for the fiscal year.

The forthright communication from the PT team is very much appreciated. Issues are faced head-on with no excuses, just facts. The team knowledgeable and willing to offer alternate solutions, as well as being very personable.

Hands down the best carrier I have worked with in my ten years.




I have always enjoyed my six years working with the Portage Transport team. Their knowledgeable staff understand the importance of food safety, and on time deliveries when hauling our freight. Product quality and on time deliveries are also key ensure we service our customers with the freshest product possible, and the Portage team has also shared in these values.

I never issues with on-time delivery. Any delays have always been communicated timely.

Their staff and customer service are trustworthy, friendly, helpful, reliable, patient and dependable. Communication is always timely, clear and concise.

Portage is always ready and willing to go above and beyond;  I look forward to our continued success working together. 




My company has worked with Portage Transport for over five years and we have had excellent customer service. Our company covers most of Canada and Portage Transport reefers have been a valuable asset on our Winnipeg, Manitoba lanes.

PT's staff is knowledgeable and friendly, provide amazing updates on in-transit loads as well as their upcoming availability, and my questions/concerns are always handled promptly.

Their loads are always on-time and I am very satisfied with the service Portage Transport provides. I would not hesitate to use them on our other lanes.



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