PT's Devon Olafson Honoured For Heroism

On Oct. 22, 2019 Devon Olafson was alerted to co-worker Warren Steppen having collapsed outside. Devon called 911 as we ran to Warrens side. He instructed those around him to cover Warren up as he checked for his pulse. After being unable to find a pulse he proceeded to perform CPR for 10 minutes under the instruction of the 911 operator. He had no formal training but was able to keep Warrens heart rate steady until paramedics arrived. We later learned that Warren had suffered a heart attack from which he has since fully recovered. We’re proud to have Devon on our team and commend him for his quick thinking and actions. Devon was awarded the 2020 inaugural Manitoba Trucking Association Bridgestone Trucking Hero of the Year award for his actions that day. Click here to see Devon being presented the award at the virtual awards ceremony held in January. Congrats Devon!


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